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Black Reign Blade removed from the web shop

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1Black Reign Blade removed from the web shop Empty Black Reign Blade removed from the web shop on Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:25 pm


Hello everyone. As you all know most users are having trouble handling the durability of their Black Reign Blades they bought from the web shop. Simple fact is they didn't repair their sword regularly before it gets to red durability and showing a warning. Due to this most of the time the durability of this sword gets bugged and repair becomes difficult and for some users impossible. Because of this fact and to simplify things, we removed the item from our web shop and it is no longer for sale. You are left with the fully working and bugless option - Rune Blade. It's basically the same type of weapon and there is no problems with its durability. Anyone willing to have their Black Reign Blade removed and refunded - please contact me directly by sending a private message to me. After a check for duplicated items, I will then delete your Black Reign Blade and will refund you the credits (considering you actually bought the weapon). If you haven't bought your Black Reign Blade from our web shop, you will not be refunded any credits so don't even bother trying this as we can check and know who actually bought it and who didn't. I hope this helps and will resolve the durability issue with the Black Reign Blade.

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