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Foreign Posts Policies

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1Foreign Posts Policies Empty Foreign Posts Policies on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:10 am



I'm writing this in order to quickly address the ton of spanish/foreign posts that were all over the forums. Linkos MU is an English-Bulgarian community, therefore English & Bulgarian are the only languages considered "official" for the server, as well as the only ones we can provide assistance in.

We understand that not everyone can or should know Bulgarian, yet English is widely recognized as the universal language, so I suggest everyone start using it.

From this point on, all non English/Bulgarian posts will be deleted/ignored (you won't get any assistance for such a post). Our staff can't and won't play google translate.

On the bright side, I'm considering an "other languages" section in the forums, where you will be able to communicate offline with fellow nationals and on your mother's tongue.



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